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"Innovation through interdisciplinary education"


"Innovate to empower your community for the digital transformation"

PhD / MS in Innovation

Develop an interdisciplinary workforce with social, technological and design innovation capabilities.


Cultivate a quality workforce that empathizes with systemic social structures and actualizes social value creation through design and advanced technologies.

Three Pillars
Systems, Design, and Computational (SDC) Thinking: 

Social Innovation

Systems Thinking

Sustainable Development


Systems Thinking  to identify problems and develop appropriate solutions by understanding complex systems consisting of diverse actors and interactions

Design Innovation

Design Thinking

User Experience

Human-Computer Interaction

Design Thinking to design new products/services based on understanding and analyses of customer needs/requirements

Technological Innovation

Computational Thinking

Automation and Optimization

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


Computational Thinking to develop and implement cutting-edge products and services utilizing data analytics and AI

So far, it is super nice to study in a multi-disciplinary setting! 

Student 1

This is a great program if you are interested in gaining knowledge about integrated study and grow as a multi-disciplinary researcher.

Student 2

Communicating and socializing with others from different bachelor's majors and interests in graduate programs encourages us to expand our views and to create more ideas that have never been seen before.

Student 3


Background 01.

Unmet needs for communities of interdisciplinary — rather than multidisciplinary — researchers/educators

Background 02.

Growing demand to prepare tomorrow's workforce for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which requires technical knowledge coupled with creativity and interdisciplinary thinking

Background 03.

Lack of higher education institutions engaging in research and teaching in innovation despite Korea's emergence as a global innovation

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